A MORNING LIGHT is an atmospheric, sci-fi thriller focused on Zach and Ellyn, who begin to sense a strange presence has embedded itself in the forest. Their experiences become progressively more bizarre as they immerse themselves in the surrounding wilderness. Do the sounds and light phenomena affecting them come from somewhere else, or are these merely an invention of their perception?


Written and Directed by Ian Clark

Producers: Ian Clark, Jim Cummings, Benjamin Wiessner

Associate Producers: Lucas Leyva, Jillian Mayer

Stars: Zach Weintraub, Celia Rowlson-Hall, Austin Will, Dusty Decker

2016 / USA / Digital Video / Color / Sound / 1.78:1 / 82min.




2017 • NoBudge.com (Online Premiere)
2017 • Spectacle Theater
2016 • New Orleans Film Festival
2016 • Local Sightings
2016 • Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival
2016 • Hoffman Center for the Arts
2016 • Micro-Wave Cinema Series
2016 • Atlanta Film Festival
2015 • Torino Film Festival (World Premiere)


"A cinematic approximation of the metaphysical." 
— Kevin Rakestraw, FILM PULSE

"Visually stunning and sonically unsettling." 
— Cameron McCallister, ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL


"When they find one another by chance in the middle of the woods, old friends Zach and Ellyn seem smiled-upon by the gods of summer, fated for a carefree season ranging across hills, lakes and forests. Gradually, however, their charmed reunion is distorted by an unseen but ever-expanding presence. Are they hidden in a quiet glade after all, or perched on the tip of the universe, buffeted by cosmic winds? Directed, shot, and edited by Ian Clark, A MORNING LIGHT finds a new mode for the sci-fi thriller, one of insomniac watchfulness. With its eerily precise photography and uncanny soundscape that pulses, rumbles, and roars behind sedate scenery, it poses the otherworldly as something very near, something embedded in our own eyes and ears." — Jon Kieran, New Orleans Film Festival