5 Part Documentary Series.

Insights, perspectives, personality and passion.

Agency: Nemo
Subject: Bryce Kanights
Director: Austin Will
Cinematography: Johnny Le

Part 1:

Bryce Kanights and Kevin Kowalski head to NE Portland to grab a photo at a secret backyard pool.

Part 2:

Bryce Kanights and Kevin Kowalski visit Mark Conahan's home to check out his new bowl.

Part 3:

Bryce Kanights takes his dog to the park, then meets up with Chet Childress to skate.

Part 4:

BK shares some old memories about his early days skating with his SF Crew The Sick Boys, first years at Thrasher mag, and some insight into what skateboarding is to him.

Part 5:

BK explains his dedication and passion of skateboarding and shares his time capsule of magazines and memories.